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Best Professional Tax Firm in Lake Forest

At Hawkins & Hawkins Tax Service, we are proud to offer Electronic Return Originator (ERO) services, providing reliable and experienced tax services to individual, corporate, and small business clients throughout the country. We specialize in tax preparation, including federal and state tax returns, amendments, ...

Navigating Taxes, Securing Futures

We understand the complexity of filing tax returns for individuals, small businesses, and corporations from 2016 to 2023. At Hawkins & Hawkins Tax Service, we specialize in doubling down on back tax returns to ensure that our clients have the best possible chance of navigating the ever-changing tax laws and ...

100% Experienced

Hawkins & Hawkins Tax Service has knowledge of the tax industry and has impacted the tax landscape by focusing on creative and strategic approaches to tax preparation.

100% Effective

We operate with integrity, passion, motivation, and respect. With an experienced tax preparer with tax preparation knowledge in addition to providing excellent customer service.

100% Familiar

An experienced tax-friendly professional with a focus on helping all clients meet and exceed goals.


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